A Diamond Lesson

Diamond Image

The four "C's" of diamonds are very important in evaluating diamond's value.

  1. CUT
  2. COLOR
  4. CARAT

The better these four characteristics are, the more valuable the diamond. However, the most important "C" is CONFODENCE in your jeweler. Make sure the person you are dealing with is trained and experienced in this field. Go to a reputable Gemologist.

Stop by for a free "Diamond Lesson" where we will teach you not only the four "Cs", we will show you loose diamonds, let you look at them with a microscope instead of looking at them with a loupe. A loupe takes a trained eye to see flaws, where a microscope has a light and helps you see the diamond clearer.


  1. Exercise caution and remember there is usually no such thing as a bargain with diamonds.
  2. Finally, remember as a rule, you only get what you pay for or less.

Give us a call to make an appointment to come by Hilton Village Goldsmith for a free "Diamond Lesson"